Registering as a community and activate members of Developer DAO

Hello tea team. First up, hats off for the mission and building something with such an important mission. I am a core contributor to Developer DAO and am wondering how our community might collectively support’s success.

An obvious start would be activating members as users and I understand there is a referral campaign that will be coming, though I can’t see how to register an organisation, only an individual user. Is there way to either register a community/org or another way to approach this I’m not seeing?

Keep up to great work.


Hey Kemp! I’ve been lurking in the Developer DAO Discord for a couple years.

I’m not sure we’ve considered organizations at this time, though it seems like a logical social feature as we increase functionality.

For now for sure if the members of the DAO could onboard that would be amazing. This project is all about empowering open source maintainers and the more of them the more successful we can achieve that mission in total.


Love to hear this :heart: Hopefully we can convert you from a lurker and make your membership valuable, we’re pushing ahead a lot this year with more in-house generated content and OS contributions so hoping their is some nice cross-over.

Thanks for clarifying. I think the lowest lift way to start would be including info about tea in our newsletter that goes out each Monday. We’ve just missed the most recent issue but I’ll make sure it goes in the updates section of the next one.

If you’re interested / you or someone in your team has the time we have a weekly 30 min podcast/demo spacewhere people from the community demo their projects called DevNTell - here is a recent one for Berachain.

I’m sure the host would love to have you / someone from the team if interested?

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Well I’ll be dammed. You were on DevNTell already! I’m sure Narb would love to have you on for an update if you’re interested.

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